WWE Wrestlemania 30 Poster Revealed, No CM Punk



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Below is the Finalized WWE Wrestlemania 30 poster featuring Hulk Hogan, John Cena and interestingly enough… Triple H.


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  • Paige4Life

    We old news but ok…

    • http://wearewrestling.net/ Spirit Squad NICKY

      B/R has picked it up.. and is linking the page, so i dont think so.

      • Paige4Life

        It was on Winc a week ago so ya I think so.

  • Floss

    I wish The Shield were on it

    • http://wearewrestling.net/ Spirit Squad NICKY

      It’d probably give away the storyline since Seth walked away on RAW

      • Paige4Life

        Smackdown will change that.

      • Floss

        Oh yeah I didn’t wen think of that

  • Art

    I wish HHH would keep off the card. It isn’t as though we’re dying to see him; he hasn’t had an interesting angle since vs Taker 2 years ago. Bryan shouldn’t “look for revenge” at WrestleMania. His match vs HHH is only keeping Bryan from the title picture and keeping the world from what would be one of the greatest ‘Mania moments if he were to win the title at WMXXX.

    • Greyson Flax

      Bryan VS HHH will steal the show.

    • Josh

      Daniel Bryan is only getting a match with Trip. only because Punk left. They had no plans really to use him except the speculated Triple Threat Match between Batista, Orton and D-Bry. I think the storylines, stink even more as time progresses. You read about the storylines they scratch and never use, and those storylines are the ones that have a modicum of excitement.

  • Creature_of_the_Night

    Son In Law stuck himself in the limelight?


  • Creature_of_the_Night


  • Creature_of_the_Night

    I saw somewhere that Vince McMahon said that he hopes Brooks gets his head on straight and goes back to WWE.

    Vinnie Mac…….Philip Jack right now DOES have his head on straight and that’s why he left your cr*p garbage PG bloodless company.

  • Creature_of_the_Night

    I just think real true blue die-hard dyed in the wool old school traditional pro wrestling fans like moi….are a dying breed.

    Makes me sad.

    You can thank Vince – the cause and effect thing – people will say Vince changed because pro wrestling died – but I say pro wrestling died because of Vince. People loved old school bloody wrestling.

    Then Vince got soft and now you have people saying how it is necessary to be PG and kiddie.


    Vince buried pro wrestling and killed it, and now people are so brain-washed they defend that PG junk like it’s a god, and crucify and mistreat anyone who has a different view – take it from me – no one would know better.

    But yeah – fans like me? Today’s “universe” can’t even understand where I am coming from and what I’ve seen – I am so misunderstood – thus the death threats, etc.

    It’s like I’m from Mars with the way I think – liking the AWA – etc. – lol

    When you gotta cr*p all over someone for that – you know the Universe is too far gone.

    And when they think that junk WWE does is just as good as AWA or NWA – you KNOW they lost it and Vince has control of them.

    But my point is us true pro wrestling fans are a dying (dead?) breed. If posting on these sites has taught me anything, it is that.

    Shoot in the 80s? There were territories up the wazoo – Luger in Florida, Billy Jack in Oregon, Lawler in Memphis, Harts in Calgary, etc.

    It was beautiful.

    Vince killed that, good people, spin it any way you want.

    PWI used to have the ratings in the back with all these territories – now look.

    Vince killed the industry…and these people worship him? Like he’s a god?


    But my point is I don’t know if Jarrett can survive or thrive in another company. I hope so, but I don’t know.

    Pro wrestling is dead…I fear.

    And Vince shot the magic bullet.

    • Malena

      But realize, you’re the one lumping WWE in with the other organizations. Realize, this is the age of the internet. Really hate PG wrastlin’? Go watch something more old school, it’s still out there, it just isn’t going to come on your TV 2-3 nights a week. Use your resources. As a fan of both, I can appreciate both because I know that they AREN’T THE SAME THING. Two very, very different markets here, pal. And, yes, the main market is actually kids and families. They’re more likely to spend money, to buy tickets, and to buy merch. Realize, you might buy one t-shirt, that family with kids is going to buy 3, plus 3 action figures/plushies plus the scooby doo DVD. Go where you are the primary audience and quite complaining. That would be like me, as a female, complaining that Spike TV doesn’t run Grey’s Anatomy.

    • Rated Republican

      Society has changed because politicians are not going to allow a major corporation to risk giving their performers getting AIDS and, God knows what else, right in the middle of the ring, no matter if the wrestlers are OK with it, or no matter how much blood testing WWE would do.

      • Creature_of_the_Night

        Give me a break – you know even if someone bleeds, the odds are so low the other person would get AIDS.

        It’d have to go right in an open cut, etc.

        Don’t be ignorant.

      • Creature_of_the_Night

        The AIDS virus dies as soon as it’s exposed to air.

        The other person would have a minute chance to get AIDS.

        More likely to get struck by lightning.

        Don’t be ignorant.

  • Creature_of_the_Night

    If Vince at least would have stayed SOMEWHAT true to pro wrestling, maybe I wouldn’t have had AS BIG a problem.

    But these dumb movies, and Scooby Doo cartoons, and KMART contracts and kid marketing just makes me hate them.

    Because it leads to them being so image conscious.

    Banning blood, certain words, chair shots, etc.

    Sorry – not the way I like my “wrestling”.

    But to be one way to kill an industry and all the competition, and then once they are gone, change to a bastardized kiddie version.

    That equals turning your back BIG TIME on your loyal fans who helped you to that point.

    Say it again: these are the things the Universe tries to sweep under the carpet that I won’t let them get away with.


    I will speak out against that until the day I die.

    They went from Bundy bleeding at WM2, SCSA giving the bird, and Trish and Lita wearing thongs to this cr*p.


    And the Universe can’t dispute me on all this because it’s cold hard fact.

    • Rated Republican

      If you don’t like WWE, fine. Then check out Combat Zone Wrestling or other groups. CZW features the bloodiest, most hardcore matches that I’m aware of. Their haters would call it an original ECW rip off.

      • http://wearewrestling.net/ Spirit Squad NICKY

        lol… COTN loves blood -fact.

      • best in the world

        well ECW was WWE a couple years ago he should check out TNA impact wrestling

  • Josh Drewien

    Its cool to see byraa wyatt on there

    • Rated Republican

      In a couple of years, people who see this poster might ask, who the hell is that?, when they look at Bray Wyatt.

      • Josh Drewien

        You never know

  • best in the world

    why is bray wyatt there?? the shield should be there and unk but as we all know cm punk has left so this year’s wrestlemania is going to be a waste reason batista is in the main event and cm punk not there the shiled is on a losing streak

  • Lesnabis Marcel

    Orton? WWE made of him a weak guy who needed outsiders intervention to win and keep his WWE title vs Batista who appears like the shadow of the former one he was with a muscular physical getting old and series of very poor matches. Is that WWE want to give us as the Wrestlemania main event? let laugh. Who would want to go at WM to look at !

  • Samora

    I’m pretty sure that the talent in wwe appreciate the fact that its less old school so they can have some longevity. Those injuries they get are real and the more you get that shortens your career. New age wrestling fans kill me. Cm Punk is not as great as you give him credit for. He complains way too much & his glorious titlereign is highly due to Paul hey man and the shield. The match he had at WM29 was only good cuz the undertaker was in it. I can appreciate the wwe for what it is entertainment not something to get so fucking serious about. Lol the new fans are what’s wrong with wrestling and I’m not talking about the kids.

  • aditya naikdesai

    doesn’t anybody feel the undertaker was best when he was more realistic and less gimmicky?