Best Fleshlight Sleeve and Textures to Buy 2018

Alright, so you want to buy a Fleshlight, that ’s a great decision on your part, but where do you start. The first and foremost thing to look out for, in my opinion, is to make sure that you are buying from a reputable site. Fleshlight (FL) has a very distinct look and all their sites are very high quality. Look out for trusted brand names like Fleshlight girls or Sex in a can. There are also loads of video clips, that explain, very sexily, how it works. It’s a great site and you even have the opportunity to fully customize your artificial vagina.

Cheap Fleshlights are most likely to be imitations. FL that are for sale on E-bay, I wouldn’t touch even with YOUR cock. I’m sorry, but even if it’s in its box and wrapped in what seems to be the original plastic wrapper, and it’s cheap, I wouldn’t buy it!

C’mon, it might have been used before!

Which brings me to my next brief point. I bought my first FL from a sex shop. It was awkward, and I felt that if I were in the privacy of my own place, I could really take my time and figure out what I want. I recommend you buy at Amazon. That’s right Amazon. They have the best deals on FL and you get it from the most trusted shopping site in the world. It’s really worth checking out!

First-time buyers.

Right, you are in the right place, you are ready to buy. The very next thing that hits you is: There is so much to choose from. Which one do I choose? What sleeve is the best.

For the first time buyer this is a difficult decision. For me even the second time buying was a tricky process.  I mean I am going to stick my member into this thing! I was also a bit strapped for cash, so I couldn’t afford the combo packs. FL recommends that if you are looking to buy Fleshlight for the first time, that you go with the Original Pink Lady. It just so happens that the store that I bought it from, only had that model. It’s great and definitely helped me with my problem. I was very curious about the other models, because the Original Pink Lady had a smooth inner. My stamina training unit was at least giving me about ten minutes with a woman, I wanted more.

Choosing how your FL  looks on the outside is easy. The sleeve is where the problems start. I wished that I had more money because I wanted to try them all.

The first thing to consider when looking at a sleeve is obviously the size and girth of your cock. You don’t want to buy a sleeve that is so tight that it strangles your member, and you don’t want to be in the opposite of that scenario either. So take in consideration the size of your manhood. The average length of the male schlong is 5-6 inches and the average girth is 4-5 inches. Keep that in mind when you buy Fleshlight.

What sleeve for what size?

This is a very personal affair. I don’t know, you might have a ten inch cock and want to have it very tight, but stuffing yourself into the super tight sleeve or trying to stuff it into a sex to the can IS going to be uncomfortable and if you are uncut could even hurt a little! So even though this is your fantasy, try to keep it practical. Generally the Fleshlight tips in this regard is as follows:

Ranked from most tight to least tight: Ultra Tight, Super Tight, Wonder Wave/Speed Bump/Super Ribbed, STU, Original. Bigger than average =Speed bump/Original. Smaller than average=Super Tight or Sex in a can.

Be nice to your cock and don’t strangle the dude, remember, we want it to feel like the real thing.


We could spend a whole night debating which of the sleeve textures are the best. The easiest way to see which inners are the most popular is to go to the site and see the best sellers. At least you have an idea. A starting point  For me personally the Super Bump was the one that gave me the best orgasm. Although I don’t last very long. I guess a little more practice? For the close to pussy feeling I would say that the Wonder Wave although my old Lotus design comes close to the real thing too. As you can see I am quite a fan!

Alright I think we sort of covered the basics. Just go ahead buy Fleshlight and take the plunge. You won’t regret it.

How was the Fleshlight Invented

To be confident enough to buy Fleshlight, I thought it a good idea to give you a brief history of the number one selling stamina training unit in the world. The story of an ex policeman who turned a sexless 9 months into a million dollar success story.

Steve Shubin is the inventor of the Fleshlight artificial vagina. In 1998 he got the patent for injection molded full body sculptures, not blow up dolls. A little while earlier, his wife had fallen pregnant with twins. A happy day, but there were to be complications. She was 40, and had previously suffered miscarriages. Shubin was staring a sexless 9 months in the eye.

The idea of the number one sex tool was born. Luckily his wife is open to this and has since then given him her full support. It started of by Steve and his crew going to strip joints, to ask the girls if they would be interested in having their pussies cast into a male sex toy. Paying them a fee off course they set of casting molds with the same substance that dentists use to make casts of their patients’ teeth. They would then make injection molds and cast the pussies in a fleshy rubber.

Six years, and 2 million dollars later the official launch of Fleshlight took the world by storm. Today Fleshlight is the number one selling male masterbator on the market, with thousands of satisfied customers. The development of the Fleshlight was very scientific and a great deal of research was conducted to find the right textures and shapes.

Since then the company has moved on from going to strip joints to find models for their artificial vaginas. These days top porn stars are willing to have Steve and his crew cast their pussies in the secret silky formula. Just think you can actually own a porn stars’ pussy…well sort off. Fleshlight girls are constantly being updated with new great designs from sexy new models.

There are  video clips to give everyone a clear idea off what this male toy is all about. Giving you a little bit of spice and great Fleshlight tips, that you could even try with your girlfriend! All in all the company has a firm foothold on the market, and we can clearly see that they are the leader in their field.

I hope this information has given you a brief over view of who and what Fleshlight is.



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