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What’s Curvature of the Penis: Understanding Peyronies

It goes by many names and the most common of them are a curved penis, penile curvature and bent penis. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter how it’s called.

Curved penis is a rather common condition among men of a different age that can cause lots of problems and can prevent a man from having a normal sexual life and perform well in the bed. Fortunately, in this post you will learn how to uncurve your penis.

Statistics shows that about 5% of males suffer from serious penile curvature, and the number makes it common case among men from all over the world. “Bend” is used and perceived similarly to “curve”, however a “bend” is the term which is used for a more serious penile curvature usually. A bend usually involves scar tissue (known as Peyronie’s Disease is also a common case). Anyway, in most cases curvature has no scar tissue.…

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